Charlie the rainbow brakevan
is a Rainbow Brakevan and OC of AllAmericanBoy9. He is the same type of Brakevan as Toad. Charlie used to work on a Great Western branch line different from the one Oliver, Isabelle and Toad worked on. Upon withdrawal, he was bought into private ownership and restored to a unique livery. Arriving on Sodor in summer 2008, he's been the Brakevan for the Anopha quarry engines ever since.


  • He was invented by AllAmericanBoy9 before an actual character named Charlie (A Purple Engine) came into existence in the show.
  • From 2008 to 2011, people often made rumors that Charlie was a Gay-Pride Brakevan due to his rainbow colors, this however is false as Charlie sees the word "gay" as meaning happy. He is also a lot more serious than most people made him out to be, but does prefer to put a smile on any engine's face.
  • Earlier versions of Charlie had him with all sorts of different colors including Brown, Black, and White. Modern pictures of him just have the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple loops 2 times on each of his sides. GTPS2 did a version where the colors only looped once.


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