Kuno the Tank Engine has many differences made in it's series compared to Thomas. This lists the differences.

Differences Edit

  • Thomas is made into a G5 instead of an E2. Also, he's given red and yellow eyes, whiskers, a small beard, and a mustache.
  • Edward's basis is different.
  • Gordon is an A2 instead of an A1.
  • The genders from Oliver (GWR), Daisy, Rosie, Murdoch, Henrietta, Old Slow Coach, Jeromy, Elizabeth, Mavis, Lady, Wilson, Lord Harry, Alaric, Cora, Bluebell, Isabel, and Primrose are changed. Tulie, a female fan-character from Felix Cheng's series also has a gender change.
  • Diesel is blue and yellow instead of black.
  • Because Daisy was changed to male, her make-up is no longer shown.
  • Scruffy now is closer to an orange color.
  • Hector is now silver instead of black.
  • Nelson's name is not on his roof.
  • Since Jase, Zack and Zicky are E2s like Thomas canonically, they are G5s in this version along with him.
  • Joy's nameplate does not show on his side, but for some reason, Nazz's does. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Leo now has a nameplate, while Pud'n and Hug'n don't.