Eli J. Brown, also known as LinkandRutofan, SonicJrandSarah, and Eli J. Brony, is a TTTE, TUGS, Sonic the Hedgehog, TUFF Puppy, MLP: FiM, Bionicle, and Hero Factory fan. He created his own spin-off series of Thomas the Tank Engine called Eli the Tank Engine as well as starred in other user's works such as Kuno, Thomfunk, and Eddie the Tank Engine. To date, his own Eli the Tank Engine series is the longest surviving out of all the others, having Thomfunk come second with 20 episodes, Kuno and Eddie tying with 17, and Felix with just one.

Roles in Thomas Spin-offs

  • Elizabeth the Quarry Truck (Felix Cheng's Kuno the Tank Engine)
  • Fearless Freddie (Thomfunk's Thomfunk the Tank Engine)
  • Toad the Brakevan (AllAmericanBoy9's Eddie the Tank Engine)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (His own Eli the Tank Engine)
  • Alfred the B12 Engine (Thomfunk's Thomfunk the Tank Engine) (As EliJBrownsDarkside)
  • Cecil the B12 Engine (Thomfunk's Thomfunk the Tank Engine) (As EliJBrownsLetsPlays)



  • Eli never appeared in Arthurfanatic's Felix the Tank Engine series since it only lasted one video. Had there been a part 2, Eli would have been Billy the Orange Engine and would be called "Eli the Silly Engine."
  • Eli's name is mispelled "EliBrown" in Thomfunk's Thomfunk the Tank Engine video.
  • Eli originally asked to be Toad in KTTE, but Felix made him into Elizabeth instead. AllAmericanBoy9 would later make him Toad in his "Eddie the Tank Engine" series.