Eli the Tank Engine 1 was the first video in the MTTE series.


  • Felix Cheng's Extended Thomas theme
  • It's Great to Be an Engine

Characters Edit

  • Eli the Tank Engine (Thomas)
  • Lop (Edward)
  • Robby the Green Engine (Henry)
  • Scott Mlie the Big Express Engine (Gordon)
  • John the Red Engine (James)
  • Jeff the Small Engine (Percy)
  • Jason the Tram Engine (Toby)
  • 4400ghgfdfsghg Bhgj the GWR Engine (Duck)
  • Josh the Scottish Twin (Donald)
  • Bill the Scottish Twin (Douglas)
  • Mark the GWR Engine (Oliver)
  • Sofia (Emily)
  • 551 the Helicopter (Harold)
  • Patrick the Tractor (Terence)
  • Flyang Blubber the Dock-Side Diesel (Salty)
  • Kuno the Lavender Engine (Rosie)
  • Muyd the Quiet Engine (Murdoch)
  • Pyuo (Bill)
  • Lorick (Ben)
  • Sano Little the Lazy Diesel (Dennis)
  • Asd560 the Traction Engine (Trevor)
  • Anton (Arthur)
  • Je (Skarloey)
  • Smolur Jr (Rheneas)
  • Kiz (Sir Handel)
  • Tile1000 (Peter Sam)
  • Nopil (Rusty)
  • Lupa (Duncan)
  • Ad the Lost Engine (Duke)
  • Finn-Stipe the Sliver Engine (Spencer)
  • 1973 the Bus (Bertie)
  • Jus the Metropolitions Vickers Diesel (BoCo)
  • Oliver the Black Engine (Neville)

Users in the videoEdit

  • Eli J. Brown
  • Arthurfanatic
  • Linkthehero13


  • The original version was Eli J. Brown's first ever uploaded video.
  • In the reupload to SonicJrandSarah, some pictures were changed besides improving them.