Eli the Tank Engine 11 is the 11th video in the Eli the Tank Engine series.

Music UsedEdit

  • Toby's Song

Thomas & Friends CharactersEdit

  • TheJonateers as Norman the mountain engine
  • WMG as a Troublesome Truck
  • Koch as a Troublesome Truck
  • Stephanie as Cora
  • SweetChick91 as Phylis
  • HOGBAITE66 as George the mountain engine
  • Anson06 as Betty

Sonic the Hedgehog CharactersEdit

  • ElTigreXFlame as Espio the Chameleon
  • Keondre13 as Charmy the Bee
  • Luke Canasdale as Vector the Crocodile

TUGS CharactersEdit

  • TedKennedyStumor as Zorran
  • LawoftheSon as Zebedee
  • AnixOkami as Zak


  • Luke Goes Buzz Buzz
  • Luke with Team Colors
  • Scrap Landon
  • A Better View for Jason Scott
  • Scrap Eric
  • Scrap Derek