Eli the Tank Engine 2 is the 2nd video in the "Eli the Tank Engine" series.

Music UsedEdit

  • Felix Cheng's Extended Thomas Theme
  • Night Train


  • Alex
  • Anju the Yellow Molly
  • Annie (Henrietta)
  • Champ  (Bulgy)
  • Christy and Kayla
  • Claire the Sub Nosed Lorry
  • Daniel the Orange Engine
  • Dwight the Jeremy
  • Emily (Lady)
  • Epona the Diesel RailCar
  • Eric the GWR Brakevan
  • Zelda (15/7)
  • FelixCheng
  • Thomfunk
  • AllAmericanBoy9
  • Ganondorf the Black Diesel
  • Jordan (Hector)
  • Katy (Elizabeth)
  • Kyle the Steamroller
  • Link (Proteus)
  • Malon the Quarry Diesel Shunter
  • Mary Beth the Car
  • Nicole the Old Slow Coach
  • Qorc
  • Shaun (No. 27)
  • Robert Brown
  • Speckles (Whif)
  • Tiger Lily (Stepney 55)
  • Tyler (Stanley)
  • Wattamack4 (Cranky)


  • Some photos in the remade video were different from the original.
  • Because of WMG, this video had to be gone for a time.


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