Eli the Tank Engine 21 is the 21st video in the Eli The Tank Engine series

Music UsedEdit

  • Boo Boo Choo Choo


  • Aceattorney1989 (Bahamas)
  • CassyDaHedgehog (Little Ditcher)
  • David Mitton (R.I.P./Old Rusty)
  • Duke Onkled (Hee-Haw)
  • Famaliyof4 (Ol' Wheezy)
  • Farlack907 the 150-Year-Old Engine (Old Puffer Pete)
  • GangstaSubber (Scuttlebutt Pete)
  • Hal9000ize (Mighty Moe)
  • Harkinian (King Acorn)
  • IanFox (Ari)
  • JamesRocksOn213 (Hodge)
  • JamestheRedEngine1 the Ice Cream Diesel (Frostini)
  • Jenkins92 (Hoot)
  • Rowan (Toot)
  • TheBrokenRails (Speedy)
  • TrainLover657 the Green-Eyed Pirate
  • UlyssesMK1 the Green-Eyed Pirate
  • Werehog Brandon
  • WilliamShank the Pink Troublesome Truck


  • A link of the video was found in NES Part 29 at 5:40.