Eli the Tank Engine 22 is the 22th video in Eli J. Brony's "Eli The Tank Engine" series.

Music UsedEdit

  • Winter Wonderland


  • CalleyFan (Calley from Chuggington)
  • Chris Tomson the Mid-Sodor Engine (Albert)
  • Dodite (Shade)
  • Eliot Anderson the 31120 Diesel
  • HandsomeHenry123 - Josh's Luggage Car (Elsie)
  • HeartlandVideoGame the Fultan Ferry
  • Jonathan140 the Mid-Sodor Engine (Tim)
  • OmegaSteam (King James)
  • ProtectorDrone the 10751 Diesel
  • SakakiChannel (JTK 62)
  • Sir Newton Brown (Robert's Brother)
  • SkarloeyandPeterSam the Mid-Sodor Engine (Jim)
  • Sketchy2009Studios (Olwin from Chuggington)
  • TheInternetis4Eva (Cecil - Skarloey123's character)
  • ThomasFan4 (Algy with his Blue and Yellow liveries)
  • 21Tomy the German Tank Engine (Marklin)
  • TrainBoy7 the Mid-Sodor Tank Engine (Jennings)
  • TugsFan12 (Action Chugger from Chuggington)
  • TugFan12's Son (The Mines Engine)