Eli the Tank Engine 24 is the 24th video of the "Eli the Tank Engine" series

Music UsedEdit

  • Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover


  • Ballerina Dodite (Ballerina Shade)
  • Dodite with her Helmet On
  • Flour Power Eli
  • FoduckIzHott (Belle)
  • Green (Cover-Up) (Green Wilson from Hoot v. Hoot)
  • Happy Birthday Eli
  • Josiah Boy (Parody of Larry Boy for ETTE)
  • MadSkillz434 the Other Railway Diesel
  • Nathan the Tornado (V1)
  • Nathan the Tornado (V2)
  • Queen Rachael (Queen Vanilla)
  • Russell's Ghostly Tricks
  • Tar Covered Luke
  • TheBlueMD the Other Railway Diesel
  • TheStrawberryFool (Pugwash)
  • TheTop5Countdown the Other Railway Diesel
  • UltraGamma889 (UltraGamma)
  • 97WarPath (Jonathan's Ghost Engine)


  • A link of the video was in NES Part 37 at 2:01.