Eli the Tank Engine 24 is the 24th video of the "Eli the Tank Engine" series

Music UsedEdit

  • Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover

Thomas & Friends and VeggieTales CharactersEdit

  • 97Warpath as Edward's Ghost Engine
  • FoduckIzHott as Belle
  • Josiah Boy as Larry Boy
  • MS434 as D782
  • Tarwagoncomments (as Nathan) as Tornado (Versions 1 and 2)
  • TheBlueMD as D701
  • TheTop5Countdown as Class 52

Sonic the Hedgehog CharactersEdit

  • UltraGamma889 as UltraGamma

Theodore Tugboat CharactersEdit

  • TheStrawberryGirl as Pugwash


  • Armored Dodite
  • Ballerina Dodite
  • Flour Power Eli
  • Green Peter
  • Happy Birthday Eli
  • Queen Rachael
  • Russell's Ghostly Trick
  • Tar Covered Luke