Eli the Tank Engine 25 is the 25th video in Eli J. Brony's "Eli the Tank Engine" series.

Music UsedEdit

  • The Island Song


  • Christmas Light Covered AnimeActionGuy
  • Classic Clothes Tomoko Tottori
  • DeceptionQueen4Ever (Bennett and Co.)
  • MitchellTheC17 (Digby)
  • Nathan's Uncle (Norman)
  • Nosey94 (Paxton)
  • OrangeLoveAnt (Den)
  • PikachuBrown (Dart)
  • Redesigned Ben Jones
  • Russell with Bubbles
  • SATBK Bakanekochansan
  • SATBK Lbbrian
  • SATBK Phenom18
  • SteveandZach (Big the Cat)
  • The91Stallion the Animal Sanutuary Coach
  • T.U.F.A. (U.L.P.)
  • WTLNetwork the Carols-on-Wheels
  • Zee (Vee from Chuggington)


  • Norman and Paxton got their ETTE names before their real names were revealed.