Eli the Tank Engine 28 is the 28th "Eli the Tank Engine" Video

Music UsedEdit

  • Percy's Seaside Trip

Thomas and Friends CharactersEdit

  • 24Komodo as Lispy
  • DuckTheRockStar as Ernie
  • Lappy9 as Danny
  • Mario Head as Boulder
  • Pat as Tom Tipper
  • Ricky102 as Andrew
  • TFL286 as Billy the mountain engine
  • MegaStarPink as Bonnie
  • NostalgiaMadPDPMad as Maisy, TomixNScale89 as Nate and TheTwoPointSevenOne as Rover
  • UT as Malfoy
  • ThePCTrickster as Donvito

TUGS CharactersEdit

  • Coac as the Port Authority

Sonic the Hedgehog CharactersEdit

  • Gnorris as Chris Throndyke
  • I.M. Meen as Chuck Throndyke

Theodore Tugboat CharactersEdit

  • Acer762 as Petra
  • BlueFireXD12 as Pearl


  • Garden Party Poster Covered Jonathan
  • Red Nick
  • Scrap Tiger Lily
  • Toto With The Sodor Search and Rescue Center Logo