Eli the Tank Engine 29 is The 29th Video in The "Eli The Tank Engine" series

Music UsedEdit

  • Down By the Docks

Thomas & Friends CharactersEdit

  • 5DLOJMCFH as Aris
  • Angelickuro as Carl
  • BioFreak430 Judy the Mountain Engine
  • ComedyCutouts as Cassidy
  • IamCorgiMaster as D5701
  • Jazeker as Melanie
  • KeeperofPorridge as Bart
  • Numbah745 as Class 08 from Enterprising Engines
  • OperationBlue as Charlie the Rainbow Brake Van
  • TheDerbyHat1 as the Dark Green Tank Engine

Sonic the Hedgehog CharactersEdit

  • Brii as Nikki
  • DaBaddyPTBoomer as Dr. Qwark
  • George and Alan as Big Grizz and Big Mike
  • Ophilia as Ella
  • TailsXCream33 as Rosie
  • ThomasandMarioFan as Shaun
  • ThomasandSonicFan as Will

Theodore Tugboat CharactersEdit

  • LordSantiva as Haliburton
  • Messanger360 as Bayswater
  • Triipge as Barrington

Chuggington CharactersEdit

  • Jamie as Purple Dunbar
  • LuigiLuigi109876 as Green Harrison