Eli the Tank Engine 31 is the 31st video in the "Eli the Tank Engine" series

Music UsedEdit

  • Five New Engines in the Shed

Thomas & Friends CharactersEdit

  • AmazingBanana as Sir Fredrick
  • AmberChild99 as Jade
  • AshTroller as Jay Jay
  • BramGroatFilms as Siegried
  • BuraiSolo as Jim
  • CND as Jackie
  • Danny as Alan
  • Eli's Grandma as Dowager Hatt
  • IndianaHenry as Bob
  • HugeDisaster1 as Tracey
  • ILikeCookies21 as Andy
  • IPService as Mandy
  • Ittob Aicila as Alicia Botti
  • JMCTrainGuy11 as Ricardo
  • Pests as Gremlin
  • PhantomFlasel as Rachael
  • SuperSonicGirl1000 as Dougie
  • ReColorHaterKing as Francis
  • YippiYiYoYo as Awdry

Sonic the Hedgehog CharactersEdit

  • 87HF as Victoria the Hedgehog
  • D4L as Tikal's Father
  • EThankGreen as Ethan, SunbowPhill as Carlos and Thomasonic as Ryan