Eli the Tank Engine 39 is The 39th video in The "Eli The Tank Engine" series

Song used Edit

  • Senjii Sentai Gingaman


  • AdamKatsWell (Jackman from Chuggington)
  • Blue Karen (From Season 17 episode: Bill or Ben?)
  • Blue Laura (From Season 17 episode: Bill or Ben?)
  • Chug Patrol CalleyFan (From Season 4 of Chuggington)
  • Cyril227ify - Dom's Friend (Novelty)
  • DuckandMikeyFan49 (Fletch from Chugginton)
  • FictionCreatorArtist (Lemberg)
  • JackNinja5 (Barry)
  • Kelp Covered SuperMarioFan682 (From Season 17 episode: Kevin's Cranky Friend)
  • Mr. Renkins (Mr. Perkins)
  • MrBlueRangerHero (Hanzo from Chuggington)
  • RandomStuffStudios (Porter)
  • Santa's Little Engine Eli (From Season 17 episode: Santa's Little Engine)
  • TheIronEngine - Dom's Friend (Sans Pareil)
  • ThePixarPrincess the Play Coach
  • ThomasAnime the Mid Sodor Engine (Jerry)
  • ThomasFan89 (Zack from Chuggington)
  • TKDBanSidHe (Tyne from Chugginton)
  • TramTrapper09 the Float Lorry
  • Workshop GP's Sister
  • ZeldaBaloney2008 (Old)
  • ZeldaBaloney2008 (New)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 4th time in ETTE were a non Thomas song is used