Eli the Tank Engine 39 is The 39th video in The Eli The Tank Engine series

Music UsedEdit

  • Monsters Everywhere


  • CanineHunterMK6 the Alligator Looking Engine (Gator)
  • Colin Young the Oil Burning Steam Engine (Timothy)
  • MatthewTrainGuy985 (Logan)
  • Mikey the Evil Ghost Engine (Timothy)
  • Mitchell Denton the Austerity Engine
  • NetGreen123 the Flying Thistle
  • PugWash1 the Scrapyard Crane (Reg)
  • GrantGamez (Slip Coach 1)
  • TobyandMavisForever (Slip Coach 2)
  • SteamDiesel (Slip Coach 3)
  • WingsFly214 the Steam Shovel (Marion)
  • Wyatt the Old Coach


  • This is the only "Eli the Tank Engine" video released in 2014. 
  • Mitchell Denton didn't want to be the Open-Topped Omnibus, stating he wanted to be a steam engine instead.