Eli the Tank Engine 39 is The 39th video in Eli J. Brony's "Eli The Tank Engine" series. It was remade later. Once due to Mitchell Denton not wanting to be the Open-Topped Double-Decker Bus.

Music UsedEdit

  • Monsters Everywhere


  • CanineHunterMK6 the Alligator Looking Engine (Gator)
  • Colin Young the Oil Burning Steam Engine (Timothy)
  • MatthewTrainGuy985 (Logan)
  • Mikey the Evil Ghost Engine (Timothy)
  • Mitchell Denton The Open Topped Omni Bus (Original version)/The Austerity Engine (Remakes)
  • NetGreen123 the Flying Thistle
  • PugWash1 the Scrapyard Crane (Reg)
  • GrantGamez (Slip Coach 1)
  • TobyandMavisForever (Slip Coach 2)
  • SteamDiesel (Slip Coach 3)
  • WingsFly214 the Steam Shovel (Marion)
  • Wyatt the Old Coach


  • This is the only "Eli the Tank Engine" video released in 2014. 
  • Mitchell Denton didn't want to be the Open-Topped Omnibus, stating he wanted to be a steam engine instead.