Eli the Tank Engine 40 is the 40th Video in the "Eli the Tank Engine" series 

Music UsedEdit

  • Troublesome Trucks (TAB Version)
  • Really Useful Engine (TAB Version)


  • ChooChoo92543 the Highland Engine
  • CrazyTeddyX the Fish Wagon
  • FireBladeRX7 the Arlesdale Coach
  • Force44Isa the Fish Wagon
  • Jimmy Nguyen the Coffee Pots Engine (Glynn)
  • LaxKid275 the Fish Wagon
  • MrMonkeyX the Fish Wagon
  • Noah the Big American Engine (Sam)
  • Princess Anna (Payce from Chuggington)
  • Samuel the Ghost Engine that derailed off the bridge
  • SusenM74 (Samson)
  • TheReallyBoys the Arlesdale Coach
  • ThomasisYY the Arlesdale Coach
  • ToonFreakBrony (Judy)
  • TrainGuy1210 the Green Lorry
  • Zephyr4501 (Jerome)
  • ZipTheSwitcherTug the Open Topped Omnibus


  • Airplane Fantasy Eli
  • Paintless Eli
  • Soap Suds Eli
  • Sticky Toffee Eli
  • TAB Eli
  • TAB Luke
  • Tyler in Space
  • Undercoat Eli