• Eli the Tank Engine 41 is the 41st Video in the "Eli the Tank Engine" series

Music Used Edit

  • I Am Thomas (From Japan)

Characters Edit

  • Ben Jones (TV Series Edition)
  • BigBarneyFan
  • Buizel56638
  • BullySucker950
  • Dirty Faced Nosey94
  • FlameDragon3958
  • Gordon James
  • KnightRiderGirl80
  • Minority06
  • Mud Covered Faced Eli
  • No1ThomasFan12
  • Paint Covered Faced Jason
  • Sailor Joe
  • Sam (TV Series Edition)
  • Sean Gaming
  • TeenKorea
  • TopKazFatt (TV Series Edition)
  • Yagtdn

Gallery Edit

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