Eli the Tank Engine 42 is the 42nd Video in the "Eli the Tank Engine" series

Music Used Edit

  • Never Overlook a Little Engine
  • We Make a Team Together

Characters Edit

  • AdamDowds
  • BabyBurton
  • Butterfly Winged Ben
  • Butterfly Winged Sam
  • Butterfly Winged TopKazFatt
  • Captain Blackeye
  • Charlie Young
  • Eli's Castle Delivery
  • Emily79 and BlackMoonUK
  • Garbage Covered Miken218
  • Green Sam
  • GunFever
  • Happy Doggy
  • KingSpam78
  • LittleBrockStar13
  • Nicolas Cote
  • ThomasTankBoys
  • No1ThomasFan12's Railboat Tours
  • Party Captain Blubber
  • Pirate Captain Blubber
  • Slithery Snakes Eli
  • Spam12
  • Unknown283
  • Spills and Thrills Eli
  • Streamline Victoria
  • ThePottyMouth
  • ThomasDoesTheTango
  • Tidmouth Toys Eli
  • TomTomica
  • TrainsAreCool2
  • Treasure Covered Eli
  • V62

Gallery Edit

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