Eli the Tank Engine 43 is the (not originally intended) final video in Eli J. Brony's "Eli the Tank Engine" series.

Music Used Edit

  • The Friendship Express

Characters Edit

  • DarkSlug as Abiar
  • ElitheTankEngine as Coran
  • G1BFan as Yong Bao
  • Ghost of Christmas Future Eli as GOCF Thomas
  • Ghost of Christmas Past Blubber as GOFP Salty
  • Ghost of Christmas Present Nosey94 as GOTP Paxton
  • GreatWayRound as Vinnie
  • Jarrah White as Frieda
  • Ken Friedal/My Little Engine Productions as Rajiv
  • Kryten as Axel
  • LegendaryDarkSlayer as Nuria
  • MakerBoy10 as Ivan
  • MeBoy251867 as Raul
  • SailorVenusFanGirl as Yen
  • Shooting Star Jason as Shooting Star Gordon
  • TheMrTrainTrack as Carlos


  • This is the first and only "Eli the Tank Engine" video released in 2016. This would have continued on from Part 44 had the series not been cancelled.
  • Although ETTE 44 never came to be, Eli J. Brony did stat that he was going to use "Be Who You Are And Go Far" for it.

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