Eli the Tank Engine 5 is the 5th video in Eli J. Brony's Eli The Tank Engine series

Music UsedEdit

  • Donald's Duck


  • Baily9531 the Diesel
  • CamelBull (Calvin)
  • DontKnow62 (Herb)
  • Darren (Jase)
  • Kolby (Zack)
  • Brett (Zicky)
  • Logan (Joy)
  • Lucas (Nazz)
  • Graham Williams (Leo)
  • Melvin (Pud'n)
  • Merlin (Hug'n)
  • HodgeSon317
  • KingShadowTube (Sheen)
  • Monica
  • Kyle
  • Lbbrian the Echidna
  • Thomas Dulib the Trash Can (Dave)
  • VeggieTales Characters (Levi the Tomato, Josiah the Cucumber, AndyNortonii the Super Asparagus and Rebecca the Carrot)
  • WoodenTrainFan1 the Bluebell Engine


  • Merlin and Rebecca, despite having the same names, has nothing to do with the official characters Merlin wouldn't be introduced for 9 years, and Rebecca wouldn't be introduced for 10 years. The actual characters named Merlin and Rebecca never appeared in the series until KTTE G2.