Eli the Tank Engine 8 is The Eighth in the "Eli the Tank Engine" Series

Music UsedEdit

  • Rules and Regulations


  • Anthony (Blister I)
  • Elias (Blister I)
  • Baron the Red Engine (Albert)
  • BossyEngine (Ernest)
  • 69Chris96 (Stevie)
  • Dan Snell (Ivo Hugh)
  • Hail Neko Yasha (Gail)
  • Keith Arnold the Flying Squirrel (Ray)
  • Mido (Neil)
  • Navi the GWR Autocoach (Isabel)
  • Ray the Maintance Diesel (Fred)
  • Rosie the Pink Hedgehog (Amy Rose)
  • Ryan Middleton the Old Engine
  • SegaSYZYGY the Spamming Engine (Ava)
  • Steve Hannify (Smudger)