Felix Cheng, also known as AlexKouhiFan and ThomasandDBZ2010 is a Thomas the Tank Engine user who created the first version of "Thomas & Friends: New Engine Slideshow" as well as it's spin-off, Kuno the Tank Engine. Felix has also starred in other such user's works like Felix the Tank Engine, Thomfunk the Tank Engine, Eddie the Tank Engine, and Eli the Tank Engine. His New Engine Slideshow series lasted for 29 episodes while his KTTE videos lasted 17 episodes.

Roles in Thomas Spin-offsEdit

  • Toad the Brakevan (His own Kuno the Tank Engine)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (ArthurFanatic's Felix the Tank Engine)
  • Harvey the Crane Engine (Thomfunk's Thomfunk the Tank Engine)
  • Proteas the Magic Lamp Engine (AllAmericanBoy9's Eddie the Tank Engine)
  • Fergus the Railway Traction Engine (Eli J. Brown's Eli the Tank Engine)

Image GalleryEdit

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