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Felix the Tank Engine was a TTTE Parody series created by Arthurfanatic. It was inspired by Felix Cheng's Kuno the Tank Engine series. This was created to say "Thank you" for adding Arthurfanatic in Felix's KTTE series. Arthurfanatic planned for this to be a series with multiple episodes, but sadly, a part 2 never came into existence.


  • Felix Cheng as Thomas
  • Jarrah White as Edward
  • Chris as Henry
  • Ryan as Gordon
  • Truro as James
  • Chris the Excellent as Percy
  • Dan Snell as Toby (Made into a Prarie Tank Engine)
  • Chris (What was his name?) as Duck
  • Rhysicus as Donald
  • Top Kaz Fatt as Douglas
  • Emilyfan as Emily
  • Mike Solo as Arthur
  • Davey as Diesel
  • Daniel as Neville
  • Captain Punjab as Spencer
  • Artaglam as ????


  • Arthurfanatic said Eli J. Brown could be "Eli the Silly Engine," (Billy). This would have happened if a Part 2 ever existed.
  • The 619 part in EmilyFan619's name would be absent, so her name was just shown as "EmilyFan."
  • There was a character called Artaglam, but it's hard to tell which character he exactly was.
  • The only 3 users to appear in both this series and KTTE would be Felix Cheng, Arthurfanantic (Mike Solo) and Rhysicus, the former 2 however would appear in both their own series, Thomfunk's TFTTE, AAB9's ETTE (Eddie) and Eli J. Brown's ETTE (Eli) while Rhysicus never appeared in TFTTE.