On many occasions, user and character reusages from Felix Cheng's KTTE series are reused in later videos. Some scrapped ideas from KTTE are also reused in other people's series.

Used in a series Edit

  • Mike Solo/Arthurfanatic as Arthur (Reused by Arthurfanatic in FTTE, AAB9 in EddieTTE, and Eli J. Brown in EliTTE)
  • WoodenTrainFan3 as Bluebell (Reused by Eli J. Brown in EliTTE)
  • KingShadowTube as Sheen (Reused by Eli J. Brown in EliTTE)
  • Samirhys as Darrell McDarrell (Reused by Eli J. Brown in EliTTE)
  • StanierJack as Lorry 1 (Reused by Thomfunk in TFTTE)

Scrapped Ideas Edit

  • Eli J. Brown as Toad (Used by AAB9 in EddieTTE)
  • Adam as Oliver the Excavator (Used by AAB9 in EddieTTE)

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