Kuno the Tank Engine 11 is the eleventh video in Felix Cheng's " Kuno the Tank Engine" series.

Song UsedEdit

Accidents will Happen


  • Eddierools as Proteus
  • FreePokemon******xxx as Cora
  • Gilbert and Jack as Mighty Mac
  • Lgreeno (Incorrectly called Ingreeno in the original) as Ava Wilkensten
  • MegaMario20 as Fred (The Diesel)
  • OnlyJasonHere as Eric
  • Koyashir as Frank
  • Deathslug as Mike
  • GreatWayRound as Bert (Arlesdale)
  • Nosey94 as Rex
  • TTTE****s as Jock
  • ThomasSukhoi as Stanley
  • TheToiletGuy911 as Archibald Asparagus


  • This is the first video to use a fan character. Lgreeno replaces Felix Cheng as the Spamming Engine StanierJack once made him as. This was one reason StanierJack was originally added to KTTE, but not the only reason however.
  • Ingreeno's name actually is Lgreeno. This is not a mistake on Felix Cheng's behalf, but actually on Eli's because he requested Felix Cheng to add him and Eli incorrectly rememebred there being a "N" at the beginning and he thought the L in his name was an I.
  • StanierJack was originally asked to make a new spamming engine character to replace his previous one. But he refused to do so, eventually leading Felix Cheng to do it instead.
  • Gilbert sadly passed away shortly after the release of this video, Eli did have ideas to request him to be replaced, but then he decided that having Gilbert in the video would be a tribute to him. So he reconsidered replacing him and decided to let Felix keep him in. Jack would pass away a couple months later.
  • What is interesting about Lgreeno's face is that while he, himself has a normal TTTE-style face, his TTTE counterpart, Ava Wilkestein would have a woman's face used. Despite the latter, Felix Cheng confimed the character to be male. Also Lgreeno has a perfectly rounded face while his predessessor's face would have his face only go down to the bumper. The differences could be by the fact that the original version was drawn by StanierJack, not Felix. Also, the initals of the name were on front lisence plate, but not so for either the Ava in the new engine slideshow series or Lgreeno for this video.
  • TTTE****s was originally going to be Mr. Percival, but this didn't work out, eventually having him appear as Jock instead.
  • The inappropriate word in FrePokemon******xxx's name would be editted out and TTTE*****s' name would be changed to TTTEStinks in Eli J. Brown's revision.
  • Koyashi's name is a filter name used on majhost due to him and Felix settling things before the video was released, but for some reason, Felix didn't tell Eli this just as he did with Wataru. Koyashi's name would be E000H208U144518518 in Eli J. Brown's revision.
  • In the original, TheToiletGuy911 would have the subtitle "The Super Asparagus," but this title is absent in the revision. The reason for that was that Eli forgot to type it in.
  • Deathslug's name was changed to "Darkslug" in the revision due to the word "death" sounding threatening.
  • As Mike, Rex, and Bert were introduced into the television series in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, this makes them the only three television series characters introduced in the CGI series to appear in KTTE during the original generation.