Kuno the Tank Engine 13 is the thirteenth video of the Kuno the Tank Engine Series

Song UsedEdit

  • Troublesome Trucks


  • LegendaryDarkSlayer as Laura
  • SailorVenusFanGirl as Gail
  • NintendoandSegaFan1 as a Troublesome Truck
  • Froggy1234 as Sixteen


  • Pervy's Chocolate Crunch
  • Cold Dust Pervy
  • Jack Frost Pervy
  • Winter Wonderland Kuno
  • Paint Splattered Kuno
  • Kuno Comes to Breakfast


  • This is the only video in the series where the title of the video repeats itself at the end.
  • In Eli J. Brown's revision, NintendoandSEGAFan1's Part 15 image was used because the part 13 image is not on Majhost.
  • This video was made only a week after the release of Kuno the Tank Engine 12 while normally, it would be 2 weeks to a month before the release of the next video.


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