Kuno the Tank Engine 17 is the (not originally intended) final video in Felix Cheng's "Kuno the Tank Engine" series.


  • That's What Friends are For


  • BoxHeadFreak as Primose
  • BubbleButt13 as Zozo
  • Chaz as George the Mountain Engine
  • Cody1726 as Winston the Little Engine
  • Drew as Norman the Mountain Engine
  • EiiJBrown as Nigel Coach
  • EliJ***** (EliJPuff in Revision) as Bruce Coach
  • GTPS2 as Mushi the Yellow Engine
  • JamestheRedEngine1 as Tulie the Green Engine
  • Kphoria as Talyllyn
  • LawofTheSon as Jimmy the Grey Engine
  • Rhyscius as Drake the Lion Engine
  • SteveHannify as Bow Wow the Red Engine
  • TheJanitor1993 as Vortex the Blue Engine


  • CAE Nightmare Billy806
  • CAE Nightmare Kodachi Ranko
  • CAE Nightmare Luke
  • CAE Nightmare Pervy
  • Muddy Kuno
  • ThomasFan4 the Vegatable Bus


  • This was the first and only video in the series to feature characters will shaded faces. This would have continued on from Part 18 had the series not been canceled.
  • Although KTTE 18 never came to be, Felix Cheng did stat that he was going to use "Thomas, You're the Leader" for it.
  • EIiJBrown (Captaital I instead of Lower-case L) and EliJ***** are impostor and/or hate accounts of Eli J. Brown. There's even a possibility that EliJ***** could also be AllAmericanb0y9, but this has never been confimed to be true.
  • The reason BoxHeadFreak was made into Primrose was because his brother, WoodenTrainFan3 was made into Bluebell. Bluebell and Primrose were twins, but it's likely BoxHeadFreak is WoodenTrainFan3's older brother, though this could be the other way around.
  • This is the only time Kodachi Ranko appears in an adventures picture.
  • BubbleButt13's image was never uploaded onto The reason Eli had it when making the revision was because Felix emailed him the image.
  • ThomasFan4's image as a vegetable bus was uploaded onto Majhost before the actual video was originally released by Felix Cheng back in 2008.
  • The picture of CAE Nightmare Pervy in Eli J. Brown's revision is actually the original Pervy image with added on details as the original Felix Cheng version was never uploaded onto Majhost.


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