Kuno the Tank Engine 18 would have been the 18th video in Felix Cheng's KTTE series. It was thought that he likely started production in November or December 2009, but he confirmed on December 1st, 2014 that he had no plans for KTTE 18, meaning that WMG must of termianted his account before he had a chance to start. In 2010, Felix Cheng announced that he no longer had to heart to continue with the series along with "Thomas & Friends: New Engine Slideshow".

Songs that were going to be used

  • Thomas, You're the Leader

Characters who likely would have appeared

  • TopKazFatt as Hiro
  • Anonymous383
  • ShadowedGalaxy
  • Rabidmonster
  • WMG
  • Koch
  • Ololefgftw


  • It was unknown if any pictures planned for this video actually still exist on Felix Cheng's hard drive or if they ever existed. On December 1st, 2014, Felix confirmed that there were no plans for KTTE 18, meaning that there were no images ever drawn for the video.
  • WMG (Short for Warner Music Group) was planned to be put into this video as penalty for deleting KTTE 7, 8, 10, and 14 (Because of the songs used) for false copyright infringement. Though they also were the reason the series was canceled. But WMG would later appear in Eli J. Brown and AllAmericanBoy9's own series as a Troublesome Truck in both versions. It's unknown if Felix would have done the same or do WMG as a different character. The latter is most likely. In Generation 2, WMG was made into ULP, but it's unknown if this would have been the character for them if they appeared in Generation 1.
  • This would have been the first video in the series to use a post-classic series song.
  • Generation 2 surpassed Generation 1 by making it up to 18 episodes, and even continues episodes after this. Although Eli believes that by Episode 18, Generation 2 had already done 25 episodes worth of characters that Generation 1 would have.

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