Kuno the Tank Engine 3, originally titled "More Kuno the Tank Engine Characters 3" was the third video in Felix Cheng's "Kuno the Tank Engine" series.

Songs usedEdit

  • I'm the Boss


  • Kuno the Tank Engine 3 Revision (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)02:20

    Kuno the Tank Engine 3 Revision (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)

    CrazyTeddyX as Duck
  • SkarloeyandPetersam as Donald
  • TheRealGameBoys as Douglas
  • Sweetchick91 as Oliver (GWR)
  • Elizabeth Schneider as Annie
  • Ikkou Sanatoka as Clarabel
  • Mike Solo as Arthur
  • ThomasandDiesel as Diesel
  • FlexCabanaBXW as Bertie


  • This was the first (And only) Kuno the Tank Engine video to use a Non-Thomas related song.
  • CrazyTeddyX and SkarloeyandPetersam were both considered noobs for being friends with TheRealGameBoys. But strangely, they appear in the video before he does.
  • Even though Mike Solo is suppose to be Arthur, he has a different wheel arangement, (Arthur is a 2-6-2 whearas Mike Solo is a 2-6-4)
    • Interestly enough, an official character (Belle) with this basis would be introduced into the show 4 years later. Belle sadly never appeared in KTTE.
  • ThomasandDiesel was made blue and yellow instead of black because he asked for this.
  • This is the first video to feature a KTTE character who's TTTE counterpart is of the oposite sex (Oliver is male while Sweetchick91 is female. Felix Cheng considered the latter to be a female version of the former). Though it's implied that Graham Williams from Part 1 is actually a man in real life.
  • Elizabeth Schneider's name shouldn't be confused for Eli J. Brown's TTTE counterpart.


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