Kuno the Tank Engine 5 is the 5th episode in Felix Cheng's "Kuno the Tank Engine" series. It was originally 30 seconds long, but was later remade twice. Once due to HOGBAITE66 not wanting to be Henrietta and again when the redeemed StanierJack asked to be changed.

Kuno the Tank Engine 5 Revision (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)03:01

Kuno the Tank Engine 5 Revision (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)


  • Season 8 theme (Original version)
  • Thomas Anthem (In both remakes)


  • Nibbles as Spencer
  • GP's Sister as Murdoch
  • Thomasfan4 as Bulgy
  • Teenkorea as Fearless Freddie
  • HOGBAITE66 as Henrietta (Original version)/Derek (Remakes)
  • Borakk1111 as Henrietta (Remakes)
  • (ThomasTankLover) Sam as George
  • Trainboy7 as Tiger Moth
  • Felix Cheng as Toad
  • CamelBull**** as Cranky
  • BullySucker950 as Old Slow Coach
  • StanierJack as Horrid Lorry 1 (Remake 1)/Wilbert (Remake 2)
  • Segasyzygy as Horrid Lorry 1 (Remake 2)
  • Molly Hite as Jeromy


  • This was remade once due to HOGBAITE66 not wanting to be Henrietta and then again when StanierJack didn't want to be Horrid Lorry 1.
  • The remake had more characters than the original one did.
  • This was the first video to include characters based upon a family member or a pet. (GP's Sister is, as her name implies, the sister of GordonProductions and Nibbles was his hamster.)
  • CamelBull**** was just called "CamelBull" in Eli J. Brown's revision. Also, he doesn't look anything like Cranky possibly due to that images of Cranky's actual type of cranes are very hard to find, possibly requiring extra editing to be done.
  • Sam, despite having the same name, has nothing to do with the American Steam Locomotive that wouldn't be introduced for 8 years. The actual character named Sam never appeared in the series, so it's unknown who would have been him if the series had lasted by the time he was introduced.


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