Kuno the Tank Engine 6 is the 6th episode in Felix Cheng's "Kuno the Tank Engine" series. It was the last video before his original account was suspended.

Kuno the Tank Engine 6 Revision (Starring Me!) (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)01:13

Kuno the Tank Engine 6 Revision (Starring Me!) (Originally Done By Felix Cheng)

Songs usedEdit

  • Repairs theme


  • Thomfunk as Harvey
  • TugsFan12's Son as Fergus
  • ThomasCho58 (As TC58 in the original, and incorrectly ThomasChoo58 in the revision) as Whiff
  • Eli J. Brown as Elizabeth
  • Catalanoarts as Stepney
  • iNEVERcare as Mavis


  • Eli original asked to be Toad. But it was likely Felix chose him to be Elizabeth instead due to his name "Eli" being the first 3 letters in Elizabeth. Because of thing, Eli was fine with his decision. AllAmericanBoy9 however would later make Eli J. Brown as Toad in his "Eddie the Tank Engine" series.
  • This has the least number of trolls (with 1).
  • Coincidentally, Thomfunk also made Felix Cheng into Harvey in his "Thomfunk the Tank Engine" series. However this might not be a coincidence because having Felix Cheng as Harvey there may have been the inspiration for having Thomfunk be Harvey here.
  • In the original, Eli J. Brown's name was all one word (EliJBrown), but in the revision, the name was separated into the 3 individual names.


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