Kuno the Tank Engine 8 is the eighth video in Felix Cheng's "Kuno the Tank Engine" series. It also was the second video to be remade due to reasons that should be kept private.


  • Season 8 theme (Original)
  • Rules and Regulations (Remake)


  • TTTELover001 as Neil
  • F******Alligator7989 as Ivo Hugh
  • Annie as Madge
  • Elmo****sLlama as Jr Asparasgus (Super Saiyan Form)
  • Gunfever as Old Stuck Up
  • BabyBurton as Spiteful Brakevan
  • Dick as Smudger
  • Rolfcopter as Bear
  • Victoria as Isabella
  • Eli's Dad as Oliver (Excavator)
  • Adam as Culdee


  • Dick, Victoria and Eli's Dad were added in the remake.
  • In the original Adam appeared between BabyBurton and Rolfcopter, but in the remake was inbetween Annie and Elmo*****Llama. Dick replaces Adam's spot in between BabyBurton and Rolfcopter in the remake while Victoria and Eli's Dad would appear after Rolfcopter.
  • Felix Cheng was unable to put TTTELover001 in his private list. In order to show off his character, Felix made a separate video showing TTTELover001.
  • Elmo****sLlama was really one of F******Alligator7989's sockpuppet accounts.
  • Annie should not be confused for Elizabeth Sneider's TTTE counterpart. The same implies for Victoria not being confused for the coach of the same name that goes unused. The same names are just by coincidence.
  • Adam was originally asked to be Oliver the Excavator just as Eli originally asked to be Toad, but Felix had his own ideas.
    • Just like with the scrapped idea of Eli being Toad, Adam appearing as Oliver the Excavator would later be used by AllAmericanBoy9 in his "Eddie the Tank Engine" series.



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