Kuno the Tank Engine 9 is the ninth video in Felix Cheng's "Kuno the Tank Engine" series.


  • Little Engines


  • TenCents01 as Jack
  • Linkthehero13 as Alfie
  • 69Chris96 as Thumper
  • AllAmericanBoy9 (As Alex) as Kelly
  • Wataru/Acei2512912 as The Diesel
  • BossyEngine as Byron
  • ChrisT1000000 (As Chris Tomson) as Ned
  • Eli's Mom as Caroline
  • KannNichKind as Patrick
  • Skullzproductions (As Skullz) as Buster
  • Spam***12 as Godred
  • Unknown283 as Ernest
  • ThePottyMouth as Wilfred
  • ElTigreXFlame as Shane Dooiney


  • Thumper has no real basis, so an official image of him was used.
  • Linkthehero13 appears again despite already appearing in Part 7
  • A chugging noise can be heard at the end due to it being the only version Felix could find at the time. In Eli J. Brown's revision, the chugging noise is out entirely because the version used was an uneditted version while the version Felix used before was from a fan-made music video. This music video also had further noises right before it's cut off in the video.
  • Felix first offered TenCents01 to be Caroline, but he didn't like this idea. So Jack the Loader was picked for him instead.
  • In Eli J. Brown's revision, D261's name would be ACEI2512912 due to him and Felix settling things prior to the release of the video. His name would be Wataru on Majhost.
  • Eli J. Brown's full name was not used when his mother was shown, only showing "Eli's Mom." The revision however would show his full name, showing "Eli J. Brown's Mom." Felix likely only used his first name to save time.
  • Spam***12's name was uncencored in the original version and had the curse word editted out in the revision.


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