Kuno the Tank Engine G2 Part 13 is the thirteenth video of Kuno the Tank Engine Generation 2.

Music UsedEdit

  • The Island Song


  • AndrewerVindowle as John
  • Earthb0underf4nGamer as Jennings
  • Jayko as Albert the Mid-Sodor Engine
  • Siowp0ke as Jerry
  • SirHandel93 as Atlas
  • Spam3456 as Alfred
  • HappytheHobbo as Tim
  • Zackary210 as Jim
  • EiiJBrown as Nigel Coach
  • EliJPuff as Bruce Coach
  • Lawoftheson as Jimmy
  • Rhysicus as Drake
  • SakakiChannel as Scruff
  • StarWarsFannick as Mr. Perkins
  • Drew Pickles as Norman the Mountain Engine
  • Link as Betty the Mountain Diesel
  • Zelda as Phylis the Mountain Diesel
  • Chaz Finister as George the Mountain Engine


  • This was the final episode to feature any characters that were in Generation 1. Part 14 onwards would have all new characters. With the exception of Episode 18, as that episode featured the North Park Girls, who appeared in Episode 15 in Generation 1.