Kuno the Tank Engine G2 Part 24 is the twenty-forth episode of Kuno the Tank Engine Generation 2. This episode brings in Nia and Rebecca, the new members of the Steam Team from Big World, Big Adventures onward.

Music UsedEdit

  • Come for the Ride

Characters Edit

  • InvaderZim8012 (Rebecca)
  • Lucia (Nia)
  • ChronosNo9 (Diesel 9)
  • Heidi (Lexi's Friend)
  • HenryandGordon1992 (Nigel)
  • ItsBartman (Boulder)
  • Jackson Martin (Russian Tender Engine)
  • Taurus667 (Russian Tank Engine)
  • Jord and Mikey (Bridget and Stephen Hatt)
  • Nikki (The Golden Engine)
  • WakaiKetsuekiFantaji19 (Earnest)
  • Robotnik (Mountain Engine No. 17)
  • Spaghet (Mountain Engine No. 18)
  • Ugandan (Mountain Engine No. 19)
  • Oro (Mountain Engine No. 20)

Trivia Edit

  • Heidi is the first engine to be named after a pet (in this case, after Mikefan21's dog) since Gilbert and Jack, the first to appear exclusively to Generation 2, the first to be based on a dog, and the first to be (knowingly) female (While Gilbert and Jack were both refereed to as male, their actual genders could not be identified).
  • Lucia and Nikki are the first sister engines since Lauru and the first to appear exclusively to Generation 2.