This page highlights the differences between Sir Topham Hatt and LaxKid275.


Sir Topham Hatt.




Sir Topham Hatt Laxkid275
Is nicknamed "The Fat Contorller."

Is nicknamed "The Smoking Controller."

Is the controller of the North Western Railway. Has no authority over YouTube.
Is the husband of Lady Hatt. Is not (In real life) related to Graham Williams.
Had never said that Kuno the Tank Engine would get canceled. Claimed that Thomas the Tank Engine would be canceled, but this was proven false as this was said during Season 11's run and by now, we have had 20 seasons.
Has always remained controller of Sodor. Got suspended from YouTube.
Has a brother named Sir Lowham Hatt. Sir Lowham Hatt doesn't have a KTTE counterpart.
Is an adult. Appears to be a child.
Elizabeth was the first truck he drove. No connections to Eli J. Brown. (They didn't even co-exist on YouTube.)

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