This lists the total number of New Engines and (Insert name Here) the Tank Engine series.

  • Felix Cheng - New Engine=29, Kuno the Tank Engine=17
  • Thomfunk - New Engine=32, Thomfunk the Tank Engine=20 (Not counting extra videos, if so, that would be 23)
  • Arthurfanatic - New Engine=0, Felix the Tank Engine=1
  • AllAmericanBoy9 - New Engine=?, Eddie the Tank Engine=18 (At least)
  • Eli J. Brown - New Engine=56, Eli the Tank Engine 40
  • GTPS2 - New Engine=4, Trainboy7 the Tank Engine=1
  • Jonathan140 - New Engine=18 (Possibly)

Trivia Edit

  • Eli J. Brown currently holds the record for the most New Engine and Eli the Tank Engine series, out doing Felix Cheng who canceled both his series in 2010 and Eli continues on to 2015. Eli also considers himself to be Felix Cheng's spiritual successor.

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