Music Used Edit

Chracters Edit

  • Brock the Green Tank Engine
  • Chester the Green Express Bullet Engine
  • Dalcon the Yellow Tank Engine
  • Max the Green Engine
  • Stephanie the Blue Tank Engine (Usually a Male Engine)
  • Barry the young Forest Engine
  • Jono the Crane Engine (No. 173)
  • Cardon the Green Engine (GWR)
  • Old Joe the Old Van
  • Young Joe the Young Express Engine
  • Larry the LMS Red Tender Engine
  • Ryan the Green Diesel Shunter
  • Skylooker
  • Trawler the Red Diesel Engine
  • Arwin the Mountain Engine
  • Dominic (Dave’s Cousin)
  • Tucker the Black Engine (No. 4)
  • Hydn the Underground High Speed Engine
  • Carry the Express Engien
  • Anthony the Green Scottish Engine
  • Horrice the Brakevan
  • Zack the Black Engine (Tank)
  • Permy the Bluebell Green Engine
  • Benny the Black Engine

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