Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Repairs Theme

Characters Edit

  • Anani (Chris Red)
  • Kahoku
  • Earl the Earth Scraper Yellow
  • Verne the Red Henry Engine (134)
  • Edward Thomas
  • Willy Wonks the Candy Edward Engine
  • Gerald the 7054 Black Diesel Shunter
  • Rojo the 261 Diesel
  • Patrick the Green Diesel Shunter Engine
  • Mater the Towing Engine 4101
  • Bruce the Big Engine (128)
  • Willy the Whale Engine (Green Tank 135)
  • Luke the 8-Wheeled Tank Engine (Friendly/Blue) 132
  • Steven (Yellow Luke’s Friend) 134
  • Tyler the Old Stuck Up Diesel
  • Jimmy the Big Silly Engine (131 Red)
  • Dan and Steve (the Troublesome Steam Engine Twin) Blue 392
  • Brad and Chris the Troublesome Diesel Twin
  • Dylan 130 (Steve and Bukes’ Friend)
  • Woof the Dog
  • Trafix the Brakevan (Ghitterley Wit held)
  • James the Hamster
  • Cara the White Grey Car
  • Mrs. Calsa
  • Patricia and Rhiannon the Coach
  • Rajiv and Marea the Truck
  • Fred the Ferry
  • Ciaran the Green Crane
  • The Smart Controller
  • Llax Railway Engine: Josh the Blue Tender 21 Engine
  • Pete the Red Tender Engine 22
  • Walter the Orange Engine
  • Yasmin the Yellow Engine
  • Naikov the Purple Engine
  • Dora the Big Green Engine
  • Big Boy the Green Tender
  • Gloria the Pink Tender
  • Jimbo the Yellow Mushi Engine (29)
  • Flick the Big Express Engine (30)
  • Brandon the Blue Diesel Engine
  • Giudo/Guido the High Speed Train
  • Fizz the Red LMS 7P
  • Bella the Blue A2 Engine (No. 133)

Trivia Edit

  • This was the only video between Parts 7 and 14 to not only use the Extended Thomas theme and Repairs theme, but also the Eighth Season theme. This was done to allow more characters in the video.
  • This would be the final video to have the original white text as Part 13 would begin the era of using Thomas styled text.
  • This was also the final video to feature Ilax Railway Engines before Felix Cheng made a tribute to the railway, but there would still be more Ilax Railway Engines after that.
  • Although it's not mentioned in the video, the Smart Controller is likely the Controller for the Ilax Railway.

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