Music Used Edit

Characters Edit

  • Ash the Red Narrow Gauge Engine
  • Christapher the Black Tender Engine 
  • Crocker the Green Tank Engine
  • David the Green Saddle Engine
  • Arnold the Orange Diesel
  • Edwin the Odd Engine
  • Franny the Red Ivo
  • Jeorge the Green Tender
  • Rorry the Green Diesel KazZak
  • Rick the Red and White Diesel
  • Rudy the Green Tender
  • Sol the Big Daylight Engine
  • Ord the Green 9F
  • Peter the Yellow Molly
  • Reece the Purple Tank
  • William the Big Engine
  • Giant Moe the Green tank
  • Inez the Duke Orange
  • Stuart the White Tank Engine
  • Shamus (Norman’ Friend)
  • Stolly the Lorry
  • Adan the Green Pram Tram
  • Malwhat the Blue Engine Steam
  • Big Green the Jinxed Engine
  • Marvin the Big Red Engine
  • Eli the Bluebell Engine
  • Barman the Black Engine
  • Elias the Red GWR Engine
  • Drigion the Green 9F
  • Tugger the Blue V Engine
  • Sean the Black Tank Engine
  • Benny (Dwight D. Friend)
  • Benny the Blue Mushi Engine

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