Music Used Edit

Characters Edit

  • January the Blue Express Engine
  • February the Midnight Engine
  • March the Green Tender
  • April the Bluebell Engine
  • May the Black Tank Engine (Junior’s Friend)
  • June the Flora
  • July the Steam Train
  • August the Black Engine
  • September the Tram Engine
  • October the Saddletank Engine
  • November the Blue Diesel Engine
  • December the Green Engine
  • Chad the Green V Engine (No. 31)
  • Tomothy (Timothy’ Black Engine friend)
  • Jerry the Black Tank Engine
  • Ken the Purple Engine (Not 986)
  • Ciaran the Red Narrow Gauge Engine
  • Mincy the Green Engine (Ken’s Friend)
  • Monday the Green Saddletank
  • Tuesday the GWR Engine
  • Wednesday the Jinxed Goods Engine
  • Thursday the Green Engine
  • Friday the Blue Engine
  • Saturday the Black Engine
  • Sunday the Big Express Engine
  • Henry the Saddle Tank Engine
  • Ferny the Green Engine Verne
  • Nathan the Big Engine
  • Gold the Tank Engine/Dlog
  • Ja (Pronounced Jay Jay Ivo)
  • Phil and Phen the Green Tank Engine Twin
  • Kyle the Black Tank Engine
  • Kywan the Black Tank Engine
  • Tom the Red Muta Engine
  • Kiama the Black Engine
  • Depgug the Blue Diesel
  • Kat the Black Engine
  • London the Big Engine
  • Argyll the Green Engine
  • Karl the Black Engine
  • Shack the Green LNER Engine
  • Cassy the Yellow Engine
  • Mogger the 9 Tender Engine Jinxed
  • Benjamin the Green Tank Engine

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