Music Used Edit

Characters Edit

  • William the Passenger Diesel (Green)
  • Mountaineer the Green Engine
  • Volgy the GNR Green Engine
  • Aaron the Black Engine
  • Amedisho the Red 7101 Diesel
  • Manny the Blue Tender
  • Marco the Yellow Henry Engine
  • Greg the Black Engine
  • Gregory the Black Tender
  • Perkins (Perkin)
  • Stelly the Blue Engine (Pearl)
  • Eliot the Green Engine
  • Lawnjo the Black Engine (Tender)
  • Silver Lady (Lisa 121)
  • Simon the Green Engine (Tender)
  • Lazy Lion engine
  • Sage the Green Ivo
  • Sammy the Blue Lorry
  • Kalvin the Black LMS Engine
  • Polly the Blue Engine
  • Nino the Black Tank Engine
  • Tamolando the Black Tender
  • Cimogor the Tram Engine

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