Music Used Edit

Characters Edit

  • Frank the German Engine (No. 127)
  • Ash the Bulldozer
  • Barry the Supersonic Jet
  • DFGHJKL the Blue Computer Car
  • Jase the Red Engine (No. 12)
  • Max the Mail Train/Willy Wonka Purple Car
  • Mickey the Jet Plane
  • Parker (Oliver the pack friend)
  • Sally Carrera the Blue Tank Engine
  • Snuffy the Sky Writer
  • Steggy the Stuntplane
  • Yardy (Alfie’s Friend)
  • Zack the Orange Engine (No. 13)
  • Zicky the Yellow Engine (No. 14)

Trivia Edit

  • Frank the German Engine makes a comeback after remaking Part 11.
  • Jase, Zack and Zicky are introduced as being numbers 12, 13, and 14 on the North Western Railway. YouTube user Jonathan140 stated they could be for the Mid-Sodor Railway, but Eli confirmed they were part of the main Sodor railway as Lady, Bill and Ben didn't actually have these numbers and also since Lady doesn't actually work on the Sodor Railway.
  • This is the first New Engine video in Felix Cheng's series since Part 6 without the Repairs Theme. It is also the only video without Felix Cheng's extended Thomas theme.