Music Used Edit

Characters Edit

  • Charles the Santa Fe Diesel
  • Airwick the Blue Engine
  • Alerick the Yellow Engine
  • Badge the Orange Engine
  • Mac the Red Engine
  • Pakatamo the Purple Engine
  • Xavior the Green Engine
  • Wallace the Black Engine with Hopper Car
  • Alex the Mallard
  • Darawin the Black Engine
  • Didcot the GWR Engine Tank
  • Doofenshmirtz the Bus
  • Dwight the Red Narrow-Gauge Engine
  • Harry the Big Engine
  • Lance the Green Arrow
  • Litthe Joe the Orange Diesel 803
  • Morace (Marco’s Friend) and Nigel
  • Pejay the Road Train
  • PJ the Mallard
  • Ruru the Merchant Navy (Black)
  • S.B. (Lorge’s Cousin)
  • Balkin (Adam’s Cousin) Red Troublesome in 1961
  • Ballard (Francis’ Friend)
  • Benny the Big Engine
  • Bobby the Tender Engine
  • Jordon (Benny’s Cousin)
  • Kestrel the Mallard
  • Little Tiny the Traction Engine
  • Mike William the Road Train (Ava Wilkensen twin)
  • Ruthar the Jinxed Engine
  • Sherman the Black engine
  • Sike Molo the Green Engine (Allias)
  • Tavian the Vlack Engine
  • Pachacamac (Martin the Crane)
  • Elmer the Black Engine
  • Elmo the Electric Train
  • Empress the Big Engine
  • Fred the Little Engine
  • Gary the Gold Engine
  • George the Gold Engine Tender
  • GC Ringo the Green Engine
  • Kapil the Class 08 Diesel
  • Astro the Blue Engine
  • Ed the Black Engine
  • Kevin the Blue Tank Engine (95)/Ralph the Red 9F Engine (No. 364)
  • Lady Ann Belle the Black Tank Engine
  • Lampang the Green Engine Tender
  • Melvin the Green Tank (No. 964)
  • Paul the Yellow Engine (No. 653)
  • Vanessa the Black Engine
  • Surinam the Blue Tank Engine
  • Darren the Diesel Engine
  • William the Green Engine

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