Music Used Edit

  • Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
  • Henry Season 3 Sad Theme
  • It's Great to be an Engine
  • Original Thomas Theme

Characters Edit

Charles the Santa Fe Diesel

Airwick the Blue Engine

Alerick the Yellow Engine

Badge the Orange Engine

Mac the Red Engine

Pakatamo the Purple Engine

Xavior the Green Engine

Wallace the Black Engine with Hopper Car

Alex the Mallard

Darawin the Black Engine

Didcot the GWR Engine Tank

Doofenshmirtz the Bus

Dwight the Red Narrow-Gauge Engine

Harry the Big Engine

Lance the Green Arrow

Litthe Joe the Orange Diesel 803

Morace (Marco’s Friend) and Nigel

Pejay the Road Train

PJ the Mallard

Ruru the Merchant Navy (Black)

S.B. (Lorge’s Cousin)

Balkin (Adam’s Cousin) Red Troublesome in 1961

Ballard (Francis’ Friend)

Benny the Big Engine

Bobby the Tender Engine

Jordon (Benny’s Cousin)

Kestrel the Mallard

Little Tiny the Traction Engine

Mike William the Road Train (Ava Wilkensen twin)

Ruthar the Jinxed Engine

Sherman the Black engine

Sike Molo the Green Engine (Allias)

Tavian the Vlack Engine

Pachacamac (Martin the Crane)

Elmer the Black Engine

Elmo the Electric Train

Empress the Big Engine

Fred the Little Engine

Gary the Gold Engine

George the Gold Engine Tender

GC Ringo the Green Engine

Kapil the Class 08 Diesel

Astro the Blue Engine

Ed the Black Engine

Kevin the Blue Tank Engine (95)/Ralph the Red 9F Engine (No. 364)

Lady Ann Belle the Black Tank Engine

Lampang the Green Engine Tender

Melvin the Green Tank (No. 964)

Paul the Yellow Engine (No. 653)

Vanessa the Black Engine

Surinam the Blue Tank Engine

Darren the Diesel Engine

William the Green Engine

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