Music Used Edit

Characters Edit

  • Alvin the Red Tank Engine
  • Anderina the Green Engine
  • Austin the Green Van
  • Becky the Blue Engine
  • BETA E-101 Black
  • Ble the Bus (Bertie’s Twin)
  • Blimp Poo the Tram
  • Blue the Blurry Tender
  • Bo the Green Tender
  • Bob the Green Tank Engine
  • Brick the Big Engine
  • Carpenter the Blue Diesel Engine
  • Coe the German Engine
  • D2008 the Green Diesel Engine
  • D2520123581205 and D21891147129311 the Big Diesel
  • Diesel 451,252,052,313,761,815,132,520
  • Dario the Little Diesel
  • Darjay the Blue Tank Engine
  • Delta 103 Blue
  • Elijah the Green Vintage Lorry
  • Epsilon 104 Orange
  • Farlack the Green Narrow Gauge Engine
  • Felix Siderail the Diesel
  • Gavin the Casey Jr.
  • Hobdyke the Blue and Green Crane
  • Ivatt the Black Engine
  • Jacobite the Big Engine
  • Kalvin the Small Engine
  • Kuno the Green Arlesdale Engine
  • Luigi the Green Engine 6
  • Massimo Rinaldi the Red Double-End Diesel
  • May the High Speed Train
  • McMole the American Engine
  • Nabba the Small Engine
  • Nantucket the Steamroller
  • Ordin the Blue Engine
  • Perry the Platabus
  • Sheldon the Violet Car
  • Simon the Blue Engine
  • Stanley
  • Steve the Red Tender Big
  • Sylvia the White top Blue High Speed Train
  • Talvin the Traction Engine and Boggy the Van
  • The Eggman Engine Walrud Blue
  • The President Engine (Green, Victor)
  • Theodore the Green Engine Tender
  • Tord the Blue engine (big) 
  • Yellwon the Yellow Diesel

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