Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Accidents will Happen

Characters Edit

  • Dave the Trash Bucket
  • Kyle the GWR Diesel Railcar
  • Geri the Grader Tractor
  • Alvin the Sodor and Mainland Controller
  • Bob the Red Neil Engine (No. 1)
  • Oscar the Purple Neil Engine (No. 3)
  • Ganondorf the Green Evil Diesel
  • Casper the Ghost White Engine
  • The Two Headed Monster Engine
  • Verde the Green Diesel Shunter
  • Agustas Gloop the Big Purple Fat Express Engine (161)
  • Eli (Drake’s Friend) (No. 162)
  • Garfield (Mushi’ Friend) (No. 163)
  • Lulu the Purple Tender Engine (No. 164)
  • Mikau (Ruto’s Friend) (No. 165)
  • Mike TV the Watching Red Tank Engine (No. 166)
  • Popeye the Dark Blue Sailor Engine (No. 167)
  • Veruca Salt the Blue 9F Greedy Engine (No. 168)
  • Violet Boligard the Bubblegum Loving Engine (No. 169)

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