Thomas and Friends New Engine Slideshow Part 105:54

Thomas and Friends New Engine Slideshow Part 1

Thomas & Friends New Engine Slideshow Part 1
is the first video in Eli J. Brown's own New Engine Slideshow Series. It came out in late 2008.

Music Used

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Repairs Theme
  • Thomas Anthem


  • Rio (Eddierools's character)
  • Charlie the Rainbow Brakevan
  • Sam the Black Tank Engine
  • Adam the GWR Engine
  • Eli the Brown Engine
  • Alex the Blue Engine
  • Ben the Orange Engine (NO RELATION TO BILL'S TWIN)
  • Sonic the Tank Engine
  • Tails the Small Engine
  • Seymore the Blue Tank Engine
  • Buster the Green LMS Engine and Arthur's Brother (NO RELATION TO THE STEAMROLLER)
  • Aden the Blue Engine
  • Knuckles the Big Express Engine
  • Amy the Pink Engine
  • Shadow the Back Engine
  • Blockhead the Tram Engine
  • Antoine the Yellow Engine
  • Espio the Purple Engine
  • Michael (Dcolemanh's character)
  • David the White Engine (Dcolemanh's character)
  • Rotor the GWR Engine
  • Uncle Chuck the Tram Engine
  • Fritz the Blue and Green Diesel
  • Mark the Green Tender Engine


  • This was the only New Engine slideshow in Eli's series without the Rockwell Condensed font that would be used in every video starting from Part 2. This was because at the time, this style of text was no available on Eli's laptop for some reason.
  • This was one of the last Thomas related videos posted by Eli J. Brown before his forced Thomas hiatus from December 2008 to May 2009.

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