Music Used Edit

Characters Edit

  • Ackar the Red Tank Engine
  • Alexandra the Red Tank
  • Archie the Big Engine
  • Berix the Blue Lorry
  • Billy Bean the Green Narrow Gauge Engine
  • Blueman the Blue Big Engine
  • Boston the GWR Engine
  • Chugger the Engine Black
  • Damoflok the Blue Tank Engine
  • Danny the Green Engine Tender
  • Dolo the Black Saddle Engine
  • Patrick the Monorail White (27)
  • Longnose the Big Engine
  • Ellie the Trolley
  • Brian the Tram Engine (30)
  • Lohn and Yulio the Yellow Bug and Red Trolley (Nos. 31 and 32)
  • Alexander (No. 33)
  • Don Clark (No. 34)
  • Dublin the High Speed 35
  • Kernahan the Flora (No. 36)
  • Forrest the Green Tender
  • Gelu the White Engine Big German
  • Gerry the Black ERTL Engine
  • Greeny the Green Saddletank Engine
  • Gresh the Green Tank
  • Harrison the White Railcar
  • Holy the Blue NarrowGauge Engine/Wilbur the Black engine
  • Hyrum the Red Engine 300 Tender
  • Jiminy Cricket the Casey Jr. Black
  • Kahlenberc the Odd Engine Tank
  • Katie Bean the Blue Tank Engine
  • Kiina the Blue tank Engine
  • Lighter the Casey Jr. 
  • Linzy the Red 9F
  • Little Boy the Engine (May 7, 1999)
  • Lordon 2 the Tender Big
  • Manny the German tank
  • Muta Nui the Yellow LMS Engine
  • Norman and Harry the Diesel Bullet
  • NW the Big Engine
  • RepWMCP4 the Diesel Big
  • Roman the Green Tank
  • Rust the Rusty Engine
  • Sandtraskloco
  • Sibiu the Big Tank Engine
  • Sinuiju the Big Navy
  • Smiley the Green Engine
  • Sprecke the Red Diesel
  • Stam the Tank Engine
  • Stronius the Black Engine
  • Sumpter (Casey Jr.)
  • Tooter the Lego Engine

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