Music Used

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • Night Train


  • Baron the Helping Engine
  • Evan the Piano Blue Hercules Engine (No. 229)
  • Haru the Cat Green Sav Henry Engine (No. 230)
  • Hazzle (No. 231)
  • Kangaroo the Brown Rank Engine (No. 232)
  • Tijo the Drummer Hercules Green Engine (No. 233)
  • Old Smokey ll the Blue Tender (No. 234)
  • Rotor the Walrus Tender Engine (No. 235)
  • Kathrene Hillard the Pink Edward Engine
  • Scruff Ruffman the Orange Tank Engine (No. 236)
  • Deku Link the Brown Hero Engine
  • Sir Robotnik Hatt
  • Midgel the Black Engine
  • Zidgel the Black Engine
  • Fidgel the Black Engine
  • Kevin the Black Engine
  • Zack Taylor the Orange Big Express Engine (No. 242)
  • Scorpion the Ninja Edward Engine (No. 243)
  • Sub Zero the Ice Ninja Green Tank Engine (No. 244)
  • The Blue Balloon Monster
  • Water Proof Link 148 Blue
  • Heat Proof Link the Red Hero Engine
  • Goron Link
  • Dirty Link the Big Grey Express
  • Larry Boy the Super Cucumber Engine
  • Reptile the Ninja Percy Red Engine (No. 245)
  • Sunshine the Small Engine (No. 246)
  • Noob Saibot the Dark Ninja Tank Engine (Orange 247)
  • Smoke the Smoky Ninja Engine (Purple Pug No. 248)
  • U14 the Brown
  • Muta the Fat Orange Engine
  • Basil of Baker Street
  • Lorry Pete the Mean Lorry (lorry 4)
  • Ermac the Psychic Ninja Molly Engine (249)
  • Diesel 1000 the Evil Diesel
  • Chameleon the Elemental Brown Tank (No. 250)
  • Rain the Thunder Ninja Pink Tank Engine (251)
  • Little Ms. Daredevin the LD Tank Yellow Engine
  • Ren the Smart Orange Tank Engine (No. 253)
  • Stimpy the LMS Stupid Engine (No. 254)
  • Mr. Conductor the LMS Magical Purple Tank Engine (No. 255)
  • Dawson the Blue Tank Engine (No. 256)


  • Due to WMG's false DMCA rampage in 2009, this video had to be reuploaded along with Part 24.

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