TAFPES Part 22 is the twenty-second clip from the "Thomas and Friends New Engine Slideshow" seires.

Music Used Edit

  • Extended Thomas Theme
  • That's What Friends are For

Charaters Edit

  • Anju the Innkeeper Edward Engine
  • Dark Creature the Red Evil James Engine (No. 258)
  • Kafei the Small Jeff 75 Engine (No. 259)
  • Linky the Little Blue Engine (No. 260)
  • Mido the Bossy Green Tank Engine (261)
  • Startler the Edward Engine (262)
  • Waldorf the Big Yellow Express Engine (263)
  • Maggie the Chinese Engine
  • Bunny (Kafei’Friend) the half robotized 265
  • Banjo the Brown Edward Engine (No. 266)
  • Kazooie the Red Engine (James’ Friend) 267
  • Bottles the Black 267 Engine (No. 268)
  • Antwan the Yellow Mallard (269)
  • Jamjars the Red Engine
  • Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman Pink Engine (270)
  • Humba Wumba the Molly Engine (No. 271)
  • Gruntilda the Witch Engine (No. 272)
  • Kangaroo the Brown Tank Engine (No. 273)
  • Jingling the Jinjo King Yellow Tank Engine (274)
  • Maya the Idea getting the Orange Tank (275)
  • Miguel the Big Expressist Engine (No. 276)
  • Chrissy the Pink Tank Engine (No. 277)
  • Theo the smart Green Tank Engine (278)
  • Andy the One-Armed Green Big Express Engine (279)
  • Tito the Little Green Engine (No. 280)
  • Curious George the Monkey Engine (No. 281)
  • The Man and the Yellow Hat Arthur Engine (No. 282)
  • The Doorman Engine (Red James) (No. 283)
  • Betsy/Red Steve (the Blue Tank Engine) (Nos. 284-85)
  • Charkie the Emerald Black Playful Cat Engine (No. 286)
  • Hundley the Orderly Arthur Engine (No. 287)
  • Gnoochi the Orange Cat Engine (No. 288)
  • The Jumpy Squirrel Ornge Engine (No. 289)
  • Professor Wiseman the Big Scientist Engine
  • Snivley the Green Diesel Shunter
  • Ilax Railway Engine: Jake the Red Tank Engine (No. 41)
  • Ciaran the Purple Tank (No. 42)
  • Riot the Blue Billy 137 (No. 43)
  • Aaren the Yellow Steam Twin (No. 44)
  • Alex the Yellow Steam Twin (No. 45)
  • Ali Al the Double End Green Engine (No. 46)


  • Professor Wiseman (Named after a character from Curious George) was meant to be female. Eli even stated this during requesting, but Felix Cheng made the mistake for the engine to be male anyway.

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